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If it does not fix the solution, click the contact us tab or email us on bitcoinsteroids@protonmail.com with your order and we can process it manually or on your behalf on the system.

Tracking invoices:

Please ask for this via email only if your parcel was due to arrive and has not within 2 days of payment. (Do not factor the weekend days into this).

In general, we insist that you contact our dispatcher on the Telegram App which you can download off the app store off your Apple or Android device.

His Username will be provided, usernames change every 4 weeks so please wait for us to update you on the username before contacting the old name as they can be used by someone else once we delete the account. Thank you.



Cash in Post Recorded 

Bank Transfer 

Western Union or Moneygram

ETA of the order:

Once the order is processed and paid for, we aim to send your order on the same day or the next working day. Please refer to our Delivery Policy. Thank you


BITCOIN - Input this code for 10% off any size order, we recommend using www.coinmama.com or www.crypto.com

With coinmama.com you can simply enter our wallet address we provide to you and the bitcoins should arrive to us within the hour, you will be notified via email.

Registration with coinmama.com takes 5 minutes and funds are sent instantly via your apple/android pay or debit card.

WIth crypto.com (app also available), you will have your own wallet and you will be able to transfer to the wallet provide you and its usually done within the hour.

Registration with crypto app takes 5 minutes and 1 working day at most to verify and you can buy coins via your apple/android pay or debit card.