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We shall update the following by 25th May 2020

Tracking invoices:

Please ask for this via email only if your parcel was due to arrive and has not within 2 days of payment. (Do not factor the weekend days into this).

In general, we insist that you contact our dispatcher on the Telegram App which you can download off the app store off your Apple or Android device.

His Username will be provided in our email along with the Payment Details. Thank you.


Bank Transfer - UK to UK

Cash in the post - Uk customers only

Western Union or Moneygram - Ideally non UK customers

Bitcoin - All customers

ETA of the order:

Once the order is processed and paid for, we aim to send your order on the same day or the next working day. Please refer to our Delivery Policy. Thank you

Hi to our existing clients, thanks for your patience, we have been working very hard to build this new website in a short time frame, sadly our data on our last server crashed, so, have lost data and formed together here. Don't forget to leave your whatsapp/telegram number. - Enjoy.